Frequently Asked Questions

What does AZ-Smokes.Com offer? offers quality and fresh cigarettes at the best prices around. We are completely dedicated to offering our customers an enjoyable shopping experience and a high class customer support service. Our staff are trained to be helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and competent. We are so confident in the quality of our products and service that we 100% guarantee your satisfaction!

Is what you sell truly genuine?

Yes. Everything we sell is genuine! When you purchase your cigarettes from us you can be confident of their high quality and freshness. We guarantee the quality of the cigarettes we sell!

Why should I choose AZ-Smokes.Com?

AZ-Smokes.Com offers quality and fresh cigarettes at the best prices around. We are continuously negotiating with our suppliers to get the best prices possible. Moreover we are secure, trustworthy and 100% guarantee your satisfaction!

Is it legally permitted to sell cigarettes on the web?

Yes, it is completely legit. As with any business sending items via post, we must follow all postal regulations concerning size and weight. In addition, we sell only to buyers over 18 – 21-years-of-age, depending upon state.

How are your prices on cigarettes so low?

Because we buy everything in bulk and are continuously negotiating with our suppliers to get the best prices possible our prices are much, much lower than those you’d pay in retail.

Do you have a minimum or maximum order?

We don't have minimum buying limits but restrictions on maximum order quantity may apply for security reasons.

What is your shipping cost?

We do not look to make money on shipping; instead we simply pass on the costs.The delivery of one carton of cigarettes to US costs us $10.00 per carton.

What are the payment methods I can use to pay?

We accept Visa credit cards; E-Check; and bank wire transfers.

What is your charge back policy?

If there is an issue with a shipment or product, you will be sent a refund or the order will be reshipped. If a customer says they will enact a charge back, we will not allow them to make future purchases on the site. Their credit card details will also be provided to processing agencies.

How do you ship?

We use registered mail, which means that your signature may be required upon delivery.

I would like to track my order – how can I do this?

Once an order is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with your order full details. To track your order please go to our Online Order Status page.

What are your delivery times?

The average delivery time is 2 - 4 weeks (usually 15 business days).
In some rare occurrences your packages may be delayed in the process of delivery. If you don't receive your package within the stated timeframe, please let us know so we can attempt to track your packages.
We immediately start our own investigation, and if in 10 business days period after that you still don't get the parcel, we’ll either reship your order or give your money back.
In some cases, a signature is required before a package can be left at your location. The delivery driver decides if a signature is needed, based on location, weather conditions and other factors. If you receive a notice stating delivery was attempted while you were out, please follow its instructions regarding an alternate delivery date or package pick-up.

I ordered a number of items but received only a single shipment containing one item – where are the rest?

We break up orders of multiple items into several packages in order to avoid issues with customs. After you receive the first package, you will receive the others within several days.

You never replied to my email – why is this?

We answer every email that we receive within 2 business days. If you haven't received a reply to your e-mail, you should make sure that your ISP or e-mail client are not blocking the messages we send you or maybe try to contact us from another e-mail address.

If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at our toll-free phone number and we will be happy to assist you.